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Irvine Company is built on the strength of our exceptional talent, and we believe in the importance of nurturing and developing our employees throughout their careers. By investing heavily in education and training, we’re able to help maximize your skills, unlock your full potential and surpass your expectations.

“Working here means you’ll be surrounded by some of the most talented and hardest-working individuals in our industry, working toward a common goal to build, sustain and manage our growing portfolio.”

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The Academy

Irvine Company steadfastly believes that developing talent is critical to the long-term success of our organization. The Academy serves to reinforce this philosophy, elevating your career potential by fostering an educational culture where innovation, leadership and the sharing of ideas is prized. The Academy is at the center of Irvine Company’s culture, supporting the organization in achieving strategic imperatives. Your journey with The Academy begins with Foundations, grounding you in the fundamentals of Irvine Company culture and standards. Following Foundations you’ll have access to one of several centers of expertise, created to enhance your skills and capabilities in whatever line of business you choose. In addition, The Academy’s Center for Leadership provides exposure to three unique development tracks: Early Career Leadership, Experienced Career Leadership, and Executive Career Leadership. Each track is designed to elevate Irvine Company leaders’ ability to manage and lead in an engaging, dynamic environment. At The Academy, we’re committed to elevating your career potential.

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Career Mobility

With Irvine Company’s broad, expansive network, you’re able to grow—not just up, but across all divisions—allowing you to explore, find your true passion and thrive in a position that best suits your skills and personality.

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